Cyber Choices Referral

Concerned about someone you teach or support?


Consider a referral to the team

Help them make the right


Our aim is to not criminalise bright young minds with ‘tech talent’.
Education and awareness is key to our intervention work. There is no age limit to who we support.
The average age of a cyber criminal by the time they are caught and convicted is just 16 years old!
We are seeing more and more 10 year old students who  are engaging in illegal / unethical online activities.

Computer activities are split into two categories when we talk about ‘cyber’

Cyber Enabled & Cyber Dependant
The team focus on Cyber Dependant activities

If you are concerned that someone you know is involved in these type of activities then we are here to help.
Get in touch with us via email, and we can start the conversation.

We’ll ask a few simple questions to help us better understand what the concerns are, then if appropriate, we’ll email a referral form for you to complete. Before engaging with the referral subject, we always obtain consent from the individual and where required, parents or carers.

If the case doesn’t meet the referral criteria, then we’ll endeavour to signpost you to the appropriate resources where you can obtain advice.

A Typical Referral…

No two referrals are ever the same. The work we do and the length of the intervention will depend on the subjects age and technical ability. Our first visit will generally be a soft introduction to build trust and ensure that the subject is comfortable in our company. We will introduce ourselves and explain that we are only there to provide support and education around the ethical and legal use of technology. We will discuss the reason for the referral and conduct a technical skills assessment to help us better understand any risk and vulnerabilities. Through our engagement, we’ll discuss the various sections of the Computer Misuse Act and give real world examples of the kind of activities that students engage in that could lead to them breaking the law.

We will talk through career opportunities, training, further education, work experience and apprenticeships.

Then where necessary, we may return for a second visit to complete a session on our Cyber Ethics training platform.

There is no limit to the time that we can spend with a subject. Our aim is to reduce the risk of cyber offending……