Make the right decision with your cyber skills.


What’s the reality of a wrong choice?

If you choose to not use your skillset for good, you may be committing a (CMA) “Computer Misuse Act” Offence. They could even carry a prison sentence as a result. Watch the video to find out more, or click below to find our what an offence looks like.

Our Team

The West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit’s Cyber Choices Team is here to help  provide you with advice and support surrounding making the right cyber choices. We are the Police and therefore have a legal duty to uphold the law… however, the Cyber Choices ethos is to try and divert people positively, not to criminalise them unnecessarily. We can discuss your concerns and worries around anything cyber crime.

Cyber Choices Officer

DC Hannah L

Cyber Choices Officer

DC Ade B