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The West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit’s Cyber Choices team are supporting the  lesson plans developed by the NCA which aims to teach the Computer Misuse Act and highlight career opportunities in Cyber Security. This lesson plan is intended for Key Stage 3 – Years 7 and 8 – but can be delivered to anyone you assess as likely to benefit from the messages.

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The NCA and Police take cybercrime very seriously. We work with national and international partners to investigate cyber criminals. If you get involved you could face the following consequences:

– A Visit and warning from Police or NCA Officers

– Being arrested

– Having your computer seized and internet access restricted

– Pay a penalty or fine

– A significant prison sentence

A permanent criminal record could affect education and future career prospects, as well as overseas travel.Cybercrime is not a victimless crime, imagine how you would feel if someone illegally accessed your private and personal information, could control your computer, or stop you using the internet.

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